We make a wide variety of French Pastries, Eclairs, Napoleons, Petits Fours, Poof Cupcakes Deluxe Cupcakes, Danish, Donuts, Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread Cookies, Fudge Brownies, Mint Fudge Brownies, Lemon Bars and More Seasonal flavors and decorations. (some of these are regularly in the store. Some are special order only. Make sure we have what you want by ordering ahead.)

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Pastries includes French Pastries, Napoleons, Eclairs, and Petit Fours. We carry a wide variety of our French Pastries made fresh every day.

Deluxe Rose Cupcakes

Our delicious cupcakes come with a wide variety of decorations, all made of our delicious buttercream icing. Our standard cupcakes include Deluxe Cupcakes with a large original flower on top. Poof Cupcakes with a poof of usually Backers Pink Icing but it does vary seasonally. Filled cupcakes, simple design with a buttercream filling. Also lots of Seasonal options.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

Our Delicious made from scratch Daily Danishes and Donuts are the perfect way to start any day.  Danishes come in 3 sizes (half size, Regular and Danish Rings) Donuts are chocolate or white and come iced and decorated in a variety of ways. Most popular is our Chocolate Fudge Bear. Our delicious Cinnimon rolls and our most popular Apple Fritter are available most mornings. We have also recently added delicious Buttermilk Donuts to the menu.

Raspberry Cream Cheese Tarts

We make a huge variety of cookies every day from scratch. ¬†Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Parfait and Raspberry Cream Cheese Tarts are our most popular. Our beautifully decorated Sugar Cookies and our soft and fluffy Soft Sugar Cookies can’t be beat!